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Acne & Acne Scars

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Pimples or acne are one of the most common skin problems. Every individual encounters them at least once in his/her lifetime. They can start as early as 11-12 years of age and may continue upto 35-40 years. They may appear as small skin coloured or red eruptions to big pus-filled cysts. They may leave dark spots and scars after healing.

Acne can have detrimental effect on mental and social well-being of a teenager and if not treated in the right time, may leave significant scarring behind which will further affect the confidence of the patient as an adult.

Acne usually start at puberty and are related to hormonal imbalances in the body. Polycystic ovarian disease in young girls is commonly associated with acne. Acne are graded as mild, moderate and severe. The treatment strategy depends on the severity of acne and if there is any underlying cause such as PCOD, application of pore clogging products, consumption of certain medications. The relationship between oily food consumption and acne is not proven scientifically. However few patients observe the co-relation between occurrence of acne with intake of dairy products and high glycaemic index foods. Acne that are seen beyond 30 years of age, are called adult acne. They are more common in females, usually seen over chin area and have a tendency to occur in premenstrual and menstrual phase. If not treated, they may continue till the patient reaches menopause.

At LiveYoung Skin & Hair Clinic, we advise a combination of personalized medical treatment and in clinic treatment sessions for 3-4 months. This treatment plan takes care of active acne and acne spots or marks. This protocol helps in clearance of existing acne and also prevents future recurrences as patient is advised maintenance skin care for acne prone skin. So why live with pimples and pimples marks as if they are a normal part of your skin? Start the treatment and live with a clear, healthy skin.

Most common scars treated by Dermatosurgeons are acne scars. When treated in time, with effective treatment protocol, acne usually heal without scarring or pigmentation. However delayed treatment, inadequate treatment methods, acne picking habit and severe inflamed acne leave scarring behind. Why carry the scars of the acne which you had in teenage for the rest of your life? Acne scars can be treated effectively giving even and smooth texture and appearance to your skin.

At LiveYoung Skin & Hair clinic, we use combination of various treatment modalities for the best possible outcomes in acne scars treatment, such as:

  • Subscision technique
  • Microneedling Radiofrequency
  • Hydroxy peeling agents
  • Lasers: Fractional CO2 laser, Erbium YAG laser, Q switched Nd YAG laser

These protocols are done by following national and international guidelines formulated by experts in scar reduction techniques.

The treatment sessions of acne scars are planned every 4-6 weeks giving the sufficient time for skin healing, collagen synthesis, pigment reduction and flattening of the depressed scar. Patients can resume their work next day and asked to follow sun protection in the form of sunscreen and physical barriers such as caps, hats, umbrella for a few days after the session. For adequate results, 3-4 sessions are required. Few patients may require 6-8 sessions over the period of 1 year depending on the severity of scarring.

Dr Priyanka has performed hundreds of acne and acne scar treatments with excellent results over the years. She counsels the patients thoroughly regarding skin care they have to follow during the treatment and realistic outcome expectations.