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Laser Hair Removal

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We want our heads full of hair but body without excessive hair. Unwanted hair on face and other body parts can be detrimental to one’s confidence and require painful, time consuming procedures like waxing/shaving/plucking frequently. Laser hair removal or reduction has emerged as a popular, safe and effective option for permanent removal or reduction of unwanted hair on face or body. In today’s metrosexual era both men and women are availing laser hair removal for the best possible appearance they want for themselves.

How does laser treatment work?

Laser light is passed through the skin and reaches at the hair root. The hair follicle gets destroyed. Because of which it can no longer produce a hair. The skin does not absorb this laser light hence it does not damage the skin.

Is the treatment safe?

Different lasers have been used in medical profession, in various specialities for over 20 years. They have been found to be safe and no long-term side effects have been reported. The treatment is approved by the US FDA and Indian authorities.

Is this treatment painful?

Chill tip cooling technology protects the skin when laser is passed through the skin. It also reduces the mild stinging sensation that patient may experience during the procedure. Most patients describe it as snapping of a rubber-band. However, most patients tolerate this comfortably.

Treatment protocol :

For satisfactory results, laser hair removal on face may require 8-12 sessions, done every 6-8 weeks over the period of 12-18 months. For body, usually 6-8 sessions are adequate. Some patients may require maintenance sessions to be done 2-3 times a year for further reduction of hair growth.

Mild itching or redness over laser treated area are common after effects of laser, they usually disappear in 1-2 hours. Cold compresses can be given to soothe the area and reduce redness after the procedure. This is a walk in and walk out procedure. You can resume your work or other activities immediately after the procedure. Sun protection is advised for a few days post procedure.

At LiveYoung Skin & Hair Clinic, we assess your skin type, areas to be treated for laser hair removal and counsel the patients about realistic treatment outcomes. We use the latest laser hair removal technology following national and international protocols, strictly adhering to safety guidelines for best possible results.