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Hair Loss: PRP & Mesotherapy

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Who doesn’t want a head full of healthy shiny hair? Our hair is reflection of our internal health. Hair growth is a cyclical process. There are 3 phases of growth cycle that each hair follicle goes through around 20 times in our lifetime. These 3 phases are:

ANAGEN : Growing phase – The hair shaft grows at the rate of 1-1.5 cm per month. The growth continues for 3 to 7 years.

CATAGEN : Transitional phase - Hair go into transitional phase of 2-4 weeks before going into resting phase.

TELOGEN : Resting phase - The resting phase, lasts for 3-4 months, hair slowly fall off and are replaced by new hair. After completing the growth cycle, the hair falls out naturally and is replaced by the growth of new hair and the process goes on.

There are many factors responsible for hair loss and they are different in each person suffering from hair fall or hair loss.

Nutritional deficiency : Of proteins, minerals like iron, calcium, vitamins like biotin, B12, D.

Stress : Emotional or physical, change of place, jobs, personal life tragic events, depression.

Use of substandard hair-care products : Shampoo, dye, hair-gel etc.

Hair treatments and hair styling practises : Tying hair tightly, combing harshly, perming, straightening, ironing.

Hormonal problems : Hypothyroidism, Polycystic ovarian disease other hormonal problems.

Scalp infections and allergies : Such as seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections, boils etc.

Prolonged illnesses : Typhoid fever, viral fever, dengue, Covid 19, after undergoing a major surgery.

Chemotherapy & Radiation therapy : Cancer treatment

Androgenetic alopecia : It is the most common cause of hair loss in both men and women. In females it is also called as female pattern alopecia. As a part of genetic tendency in males or hormonal imbalance in females, a potent male hormone known as DihydroTestosterone (DHT) accumulates in the hair follicle and causes it to shrink and thin out through time. The hair shaft becomes thin and thinner over the time and eventually sheds off and doesn’t regrow unless treated with medications and therapy.

At LiveYoung Skin and Hair Clinic, we take a thorough history and do detailed hair and scalp analysis to find out the root cause of your hair fall/ hair loss. We focus on comprehensive treatment for the hair loss including dietary changes, cyclical therapy of required minerals, amino acids, vitamins, medications and in clinic treatments.

Mesotherapy :

This includes use of selective trans-cutaneous delivery of certain hair growth activators, serums and hair nutrients with fine micro-needles. It’s a less time-consuming procedure with minimal or no pain and comfortable to the patient. It is done every 2 to 4 weekly for 6-8 sessions. It shows reduction in hair fall and regrowth of miniaturised hair follicles over 2-3 months of treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy :

The PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma consists of a plasma solution containing activated platelets in 3-4 times concentration than normal blood and essential growth factors required for stimulation of hair follicle. The procedure involves withdrawing 8-10 ml of patient’s blood, making the PRP and growth factors solution and injecting it into the scalp using a special micro needle under topical anaesthetic cream. It’s a completely safe procedure suitable for both male and female hair loss. Platelet rich plasma has shown consistent implication in increasing hair growth and decreasing the dystrophy of hair in different types of hair loss such as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern alopecia, acute telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium. PRP stimulates growth factors such as platelet derived growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, transforming growth factor which further promote the cellular proliferation and angiogenesis around the dermal papilla thus leading to better blood circulation around hair follicles. It is done every 4-6 weekly for 4-6 times.

PRP therapy and mesotherapy with safer adaptation of medical treatment show significant improvement in hair fall, regrowth of dying hair follicles, reverse baldness in most cases and either prevent or postpone hair transplantation in many patients.

Dr Priyanka has performed hundreds of mesotherapy and PRP therapy procedures, making them as comfortable to the patients as possible, giving excellent results in controlling the hair fall and regaining the hair thickness and density.