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Hair Transplant

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We all want healthy hair covering whole scalp. Young adult, middle aged or senior citizens, men or women all are desirous of having lustrous thick hair covering the head at any age. Hair transplantation has emerged as a popular and most effective option for restoring hair because it’s permanent and relatively simple procedure.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant can be done for both males and females. It can be done anytime beyond 27-30 years of age till the patient is physically fit to undergo the procedure and has sufficient donor grafts available on the scalp or body. It is usually done for males having androgenetic alopecia or familial balding tendency or females with female pattern alopecia who have not shown significant improvement even after taking adequate medical treatment.

Hair transplant (also known as hair restoration or hair implantation) is the process of transplanting patient’s own hair follicles into balding or thinning areas. Healthy follicles are taken from the back or the sides of the head, or other hairy body areas like beard, chest, back or stomach if required. Hair on back of the scalp, known as donor area, are genetically programmed to stay for a longer time. Transferring hair roots from the donor area to the area of hair loss or recipient area, is the basic principle of hair restoration. Hair from back of the scalp can be taken as a strip of skin and this technique is called follicular unit transplant (FUT) or it can be extracted as single hair roots, known as FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique. This is a walk in and walk out procedure. Patient is completely awake during the procedure and it is performed under local anaesthesia. It lasts for a few hours depending on the number of grafts to be implanted and patient is given breaks for meals and washroom. Patient can go to work next day with basic precautions.

It takes about 6-8 months for transplanted hair follicles to grow to the sufficient length of covering the scalp. Other areas that can be treated with hair transplantation are eyebrows, beard and moustache.

In the present age, the technique of hair transplantation is well standardised and the best possible outcomes are delivered by experienced hair transplant surgeon and the team. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will create a hair line to give maximum out come with less number of hair roots and which will be suitable to your face in coming years. If performed in a non-clinical set up, by untrained professionals, this simple yet skill requiring procedure can lead to mishaps or poor results. Hence, it’s very important to choose a right clinic or hospital for this procedure.

At LiveYoung Skin and Hair Clinic, we perform this procedure in a sterile operation theatre set up, with an experienced team of hair transplant surgeon, anaesthetist and nursing assistants to give best possible results aligning the patient with realistic treatment outcomes.

If your hair loss/ receding hair line is lowering your confidence, hair transplant is the right solution for you. Get in touch with us for a detailed consultation answering all your queries and analysis if you are a right candidate for hair transplant.